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Centre for Interprofessional Education - Membership

Membership for the Centre for Interprofessional Education (CIPE) is free for those that are interested in promoting and enhancing IPE through teaching, facilitation, professional development, research, and education leadership. CIPE Members will build on the successes of the Centre through engagement, collaborative partnerships, deepening and extending leadership and support in interprofessional education, research, and practice.

CIPE Membership offers benefits such as:

  • A platform for networking with colleagues in the areas of interprofessional education, interprofessional care, research, and professional development

  • An opportunity to enhance facilitation and teaching skills through IPE learning activities

  • An opportunity to participate in Centre for IPE working groups and committees

  • Bursary opportunities for IP programs and conferences

  • Invitation to events sponsored by the Centre for IPE

Membership Categories

There are four categories of membership: General Member, Research Member, Educator Member, and Associate Member.

General Member

Are you interested in staying informed and learning about the Centre for IPE and what the IPE community at a local, national, and international level is involved with? General Members include faculty, educators, practitioners, students, and administrators. Please join the Centre’s Newsletter subscriber list to stay informed and become a General Member now!

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Research Member

Research Members are Scientists and Researchers who play an integral role in developing collaborative research partnerships and scholarly work. Research members are expected to participate in programs of research that advance knowledge relevant to interprofessional education and collaboration through mutual research collaborations with other CIPE Members. Research Members may serve as principal investigators or co-investigators in programs of research that broadly advances the mission of the Centre. Membership for Research Members will be made on the basis of sustained participation in research relevant to IPE, as well as sustained collaborations with other CIPE Members.

Educator Member

Educator Members are facilitators who play an integral role ion engaging and advancing educational practices within IPE/C which could include curriculum planning, teaching, program development, program evaluation, and/or professional development.

Associate Member

The Associate Member Category is an honorary designation from the Centre for Interprofessional Education in recognition of their ongoing collaboration and advancement of cultivating system change through education, teaching, research, and professional development. This designation is by invitation, no application process is required.