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The Centre for Interprofessional Education is currently involved in the following interprofessional careinitiatives.

  • Interprofessional Care
    • SCRIPT: Structuring Communication Relationships for Interprofessional Teamwork
    • IMPLC: The Interprofessional, Mentoring, Preceptorship, Leadership, and Coaching MOHLTC Project

  • SCRIPT Year 2 Annual Report - April 2006 - March 2007

    SCRIPT Feature Publications

    Health Human Resource Strategies Division of the Health Policy Directorate of Health Canada (2006). Research team examines communication and its relationship to patient-centred care. Health Human Resources Connection (Issue 2, pp. 7-9).

    SCRIPT Team Publications

    The SCRIPT Research Team. (2007). Structuring Communication Relationships for Interprofessional Teamwork (SCRIPT): a Canadian initiative aimed at improving patient-centred care. Journal of Interprofessional Care Vol 21(1), 1-4.
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