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Care to Connect Podcasts:

Join us on Care to Connect as we explore the nuanced world of interprofessional healthcare! Our host Asma Ghafoor will be speaking with guests who have interacted or operated within the healthcare system to learn more about how health care professionals work together...and the consequences that result when they fail to do so.

Made in collaboration with the Centre for Interprofessional Education at the University of Toronto.

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Care to Connect Episode 5: Collaborating in a pandemic.

What does collaboration look like during a pandemic? This question has been asked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as circumstances change and new regulations are introduced. Today, Asma will be answering this question with the help of Maria Tassone, the chair of the COVID-19 Provincial Education Task Force. Together, they will discuss how healthcare workers have expanded their roles, learn to assist outside their normal practices, and work together to develop creative solutions to new challenges.


Care to Connect Episode 4: How are we really doing in IPE?

How hard is it to collaborate? From the outside, it looks like doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers do it all the time. But from the inside, biases, attitudes, and the unspoken medical hierarchy can make it challenging for true collaboration to take place. In this episode, Asma will be discussing these social barriers with Dr. Hossein Khalili. They will be exploring his ground-breaking research in the area and the future of interprofessional education

Care to Connect Episode 3: Who's on the team?

Who is part of a health care team? Likely doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and therapists from various backgrounds. But what about translators, lawyers, income specialists? For many patients, financial, language, and legal barriers can make it difficult for them to access the care they need. In this episode, Asma will be meeting with Janet Rodriguez, an advocate and translator with a deep understanding of the medical system from a patient’s perspective. Together, they will be discussing her experiences receiving care, the visible and invisible barriers she had to overcome, and the people who don’t seem like obvious members of the health care team, including the patient.

Care to Connect Episode 2: Working together: how hard could it be?

What do you think when you hear the word “teamwork”? Some may picture people eager to collaborate and exchange ideas. Others may see a disastrous group project waiting to happen. Today, Asma will be speaking to Dr. Zubin Austin to discuss the psychology behind interprofessional healthcare, the influence of bias, and how to make room for trust.

Care to Connect Episode 1: What is interprofessional Collaboration?

What is interprofessional collaboration and why do we need it in healthcare?  Asma will be exploring this question with the help of IPE leaders Lorna Bain and Dr. Zaev Wulffhart from Southlake Regional Health Centre. Together, they will dive into why it’s so important to work together as a team in healthcare.