Working Groups & Committees


Interprofessional Education Committees & Working Groups

The Interprofessional Education Curriculum at the University of Toronto partners with many individuals to develop and deliver quality learning experiences to students.


The InterFaculty Curriculum Committee

The InterFaculty Curriculum Committee (IFCC) has been delegated, on behalf of the Council of Health Sciences (CHS) and respective faculties and departments, with the responsibility of overseeing and endorsing the development, implementation, and evaluation of the IPE Curriculum for the U of T. The IFCC is a unique body that encourages collaborative leadership across all professions and provides a forum for dialogue, consultation, and decision-making regarding interprofessional curricular issues.

Terms of Reference can be found here.

Students can contact their IPE Program Lead for enquiries regarding learning activity requirements, program questions and further information on IPE.


2020 – 2021 InterFaculty Curriculum Committee




CIPE Director Stella Ng
Administrative Assistant Adi Adetona

Dentistry Karen Burgess

Project Manager, Curriculum, CIPE

Sabrina Bartlett

IPHSA Student Representative Gobika Sithamparanathan                                         
IPHSA Student Representative David Czosniak

Master of Professional Kinesiology

Daniel Santa Mina

Medical Radiation Sciences

Kieng Tan

Medicine Mark Bonta


Zoraida Beekhoo

Occupational Therapy, Committee Chair & Faculty Lead Sylvia Langlois


Della Croteau

Physical Therapy

Sharon Gabison

Physician Assistant

Sharona Kanofsky

Social Work

Rachelle Ashcroft

Social Work Keith Adamson

Speech-Language Pathology

Susan Wagner

Team-Based Practice and Education Lead, CIPE Dean Lising
IPEL Lead Robyn Davies
IPEL Lead Elizabeth McLaney
Speech-Language Pathology Lynn Ellwood
Speech-Language Pathology Jennifer Wadds
Medicine Cindy Quinton
Patient Partner Jennifer Boyle
Medicine Susan Rice
Medicine Jennifer Bell



Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education (ACCE)

The Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education are a group of faculty members from the University of Toronto responsible for the clinical education of students from their health science programs. Their focus is the development, coordination and oversight of clinical or fieldwork placements or rotations for their students. The ACCE meets semi–annually with IPE/IPC Clinical Leads in practice settings to enable and enhance the critically important IPE curriculum component.


IPE Curriculum Working Groups

Teamwork: Your Future in Healthcare Planning Working Group

Case – Based Palliative Care Planning Working Group

Conflict in Interprofessional Life Planning Working Group

Dying & Death Working Group

Collaborating for Quality Working Group

Senior IP Projects Working Group

Roles of Health Professions & Team Dynamics Working Group

Understanding Patient/Client Partnerships in a Team Context Working Group


For additional information on any of our working groups or committees, please contact