BOOST! Workshops

BOOST! (Building Optimal Outcomes from Successful Teamwork)  Workshops

We are offering an innovative foundational team-based care workshop in a virtual synchronous interactive 2.5-hour format with an aim to improve interprofessional collaborative practice for clinical and project teams across organizations.  We welcome interprofessional team members to come together to work collaboratively on their teamwork or individually to bring learnings back to their team.  To optimize collaborative learning, we utilize virtual large group reflections, small group breakout discussions, video team simulation and best practices in virtual team facilitation.  Teams in all areas of health care are striving to provide collaborative models of care that optimize patient outcomes and experiences, particularly with the challenges and silver lining of a COVID-19 impacted system.  This is an opportunity to enhance the collaborative practice environment for all staff and students. 


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

• Apply interprofessional competency-based tools to optimize communication, conflict and performance for virtual and non-virtual teams
• Promote a climate of psychological safety and team functioning in virtual and non-virtual interactions and meetings
• Reflect on and develop an action plan for improving quality, safe team-based care in your context

                                                                                        REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!  Register here

Date: April 28, 2021

Location: Virtual

Time: 8:30am-11:00am


Dean Lising, BSc Biology, BScPT, MHSc, Team-Based Practice and Education Lead, Centre for IPE, University of Toronto; Lecturer, Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Tracy Paulenko, BScPT, MSc; IPE and Care & Educational Development Leader, University Health Network; Lecturer, Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Jill Krupa, BSc, MLT, MScCH; Interprofessional Education and Care Leader, University Health Network


The Centre for IPE is also pleased to offer customized, on-site workshops co-created to meet the needs of clinical and project teams at individual organizations.  Please contact Sabrina Bartlett at for more information.


Participants have shared what they value about this workshop:

“Discussion facilitated between my teammates regarding specific goal-oriented ways to improve how we do patient care”.

“Comfortable and informal atmosphere with excellent research driven points and relevance to clinical teams with great resources”.

“Speaking about the practical steps to work towards collaboration/communication solidified the learning; really loved sharing ideas and hearing from other teams”.

“Stroke is an area where we know that Interprofessional collaboration is a key component in driving patient satisfaction and also better patient outcomes. It was great to work with the Centre for Interprofessional Education to provide a workshop to clinicians working in stroke care in our region which took the concepts around Interprofessional team work, communication, shared goal setting and then applied these to our work with stroke patients specifically. We have held this workshop two years in a row in our region with great feedback each time.” - Janine Theben, Rehabilitation Coordinator, West GTA Stroke Network