Centre for IPE team members Research & Scholarship for 2018 - 2020.
2019 – 2020 Rowland, P (PI), Williams, L., Scane, K. Ash, P. AMS Phoenix Fellowship Support Fund: “Speaking Up for Safety”. $5,000.
2019 – July 2022 Abelson, J. (Co-A), Vanstone, M. (Co-A), Canfield, C., Forest, P-G., Leslie, M., Rowland, P., Wilson, G. Canadian Institute for Health Research Project Grant: “Examining Patient Partner and Advisor Roles in the Canadian Health System: A Mixed-Methods Policy Analysis.” $329,104.
April 2020 – March 2022 Wiljer, D.(PI), Salhia, M. (Program Lead), Beaudoin, E., Gillan, C., Kulasegaram, M., Mylopoulos, M., Pham, Q., Rowland, P., Russell, A., Shen Tavares, W., Woods, N., Hodges, B. Future Skills Centre:
“Accelerating the Appropriate Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care through Building New Knowledge, Skills, and Capabilities in the Canadian Health Care Professions.” $1,519,702.
May 2020 – Dec. 2020 Rowland, P.(PI), Lowe, M., Tripp, T., Richardson, J., Oja, L., Tavares, W., Woods, N., Ng, S. University of Toronto CPD COVID-19 Response Fund: “Rapid Knowledge Mobilization in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.” $9,993.50.
May 2020 – Dec. 2020 Wood, N.(PI), Freeman, R., (Co-Applicant), Kulasegaram, M., Mylopoulos, M., Rowland, P.(Co-I), Rojas, D., Murdoch, S., Grundland, B., Papadakos, T., Paul, R., Moaveni, A., Whitehead, C. University of Toronto CPD COVID-19 Response Fund: “Creating and Sustaining the Pivot to Virtual Primary Care: Implementation and Evaluation of the Virtual Care Competency Training Program (ViCCTR).” $9,912.79.
May 2020 Langlois, S., Switzer-McIntyre, S., Mylopoulos, M., Tassone, M. Continuing Professional Development COVID-19 Response Fund: “Re-Deployment in Response to COVID-19: Knowledge Mobilization for Occupational and Physiotherapy”. $10,000.
2020 Di Prospero, L., Hitzig, S., Kaczmarek, I., Dale, C., McLaney, E., Janes, N., Croke, J., D’Alimonte, L., Wasilewski, M.B. 2020 – 2021 Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council (SEAC) and Education Research Unit (ERU) Education Research and Scholarship Grant (ERSG) competition: “Building Research Capacity among Clinicians: Exploring Interprofessional Experiences and Recommendations on Mentorship in an Academic Health Sciences Centre.” $7,600.
January 2020 Bosma, R., Cachia, W., Campbell, F., Di Renna, T., Hubley, P., Smith, A., Swidrovich, J., Wilhelm, L., Bonin, R., Bucklye, C., Choiniere, M., Furlan, A., McGillion, M., Mushquash, C., Poulin, P., Stevens, B., Langlois, S. CIHR Training Grant: SPOR National Training Entity – LOI: “The National Training Entity in Patient-Oriented Research: Leveraging the Expertise of the Chronic Pain Community.” $3,994.
January 2020 Langlois, S., & Bonta, M. Provost’s 2019 Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF) Seed Funding Stream: “Interprofessional Education Game – What Do Your Colleagues Do Anyway?” $2,000.
2018 -2020 Kuper, A. (PI), Alexander, T., Bryden, P., Kulasegaram, M., Kumagai, A., Maniate, J., Ng, S., Richardson, L., Rojas, D., Rowland, P., Sukhera, J., Tavares, W., Whitehead, C., Whyte, R., Wilkes-Whitehall, D., Wright, S., Ying, Y. AMS Phoenix Thematic Grant: “Assessment and Evaluation of Medical Education for Compassionate Care.” $40,000.
2018 – 2020 Sibbald, M., Tavares, W., Rowland, P., Billet, S. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Strategic Grant: “Implicit and Risky: Exploring Translational Activities in Developing Assessment Programs for Competency Based Medical Education.” $34,978.21.
2019 Ibrahim, S. (PI). Collaborators: Di Prospero, L., Cambly, E., McLaney, E., Parzanese, M., Ryzynski, A., Tyrrell, S., DeSousa, S., Gugus, J., Feming-Carroll, B., McMillen, K., & MacInnes, N. Provost’s 2019 Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF) Seed Funding Stream, University of Toronto: “A Novel Simulation-Based Training Intervention to Improve the Clinical Management of Cannabis Intoxication among Adolescents in an Interprofessional Clinical Environment”. $2,000.
2019 Parker, K.(PI), Bellicoso, D., Tassone, M., Shaver B. J., Vilhena, B., Sinclair, L., Lowe, M., & Creede, C. Research & Development Grant (Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto): “Exploring the Unintended Impact of CPD: Using a Utilization-Focused Evaluation Approach to Inform Program Decision.” $4,120.
2019 - 2021 Rowland, P., Albert, M., & Kitto, S. Social Sciences and Humanities Insight Development Grant: “Intersections between Logics of Learning in Universities and in Hospitals: Implications for Practice-based Learning in Higher Education.” $43,215.
2017 - 2019 Coffey, T., Goldman, J., Rotteau, L., Rowland, P., Baker, G. R., Vogus, T., & Christianson, M. Physician Services Incorporated Foundation: “High Reliability Organizing: Caring Safely at the Hospital for Sick Children.” $112,000.
2018 – 2019 Martin, P., Pighills, A., Burge, V., & Sinclair, L. Toowoomba Hospital Foundation Pure Land Research Grant: “Health Professionals’ Understanding of Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice in Queensland Regional and Rural Health Services.” $20,726.
2018 Rowland, P. AMS Phoenix Book Project, Chapter on Patient Engagement for Compassionate Care. Associated Medical Services Page 83 of 112 Phoenix Project: $5,000.
2018 Tassone, M., Lowe, M., Creede, C., Parker, K., & Shaver, J. Associated Medical Services Phoenix Project: AMS Phoenix Book Project, Chapter on Compassionate Leadership. $5,000.
2016 -2018 Kuper, A.(PI); Bourns, A., Bryden, P., Dubinsky, I., Goguen, J., Hall, P., Kumagai, A., Law, M., Lazor, J., Maniate, J., Myloupolos, M., Najeeb, U., Panisko, D., Richardson, L., Rowland, P., Schreiber, M., Sharma, M., Whitehead, C., & Whyte, R. AMS Phoenix Thematic Grant: “An Integrated Spiral Curriculum across the Medical Education Continuum to Support the Understanding and Delivery or, and Advocacy for, Compassionate Person-Centred Care.” $40,000.
2016 - 2018 Rowland, P.(PI), Fancott, C., McMillan, S., Abelson, J., Andress, I., Scane, K., Hawthornthwaite, L., Maybee, A., Angl Nicholas, E., Page 84 of 112 Tepper, J., Whitehead, C., Kuper, A., & Baker, G.R. AMS Phoenix Thematic Grant: “Advancing the Science and Practice of Patient Engagement in Health Services Organizations.” $39,968.13.
2016 - 2018 Whitehead, C.(PI), Kuper, A., & Rowland, P. AMS Phoenix Thematic Grant: “Leveraging Accreditation Standards to Promote Compassion in Education and Practice.” $40,000.