The Centre for IPE team contributed to the field of education through numerous grants for 2015 - 2017.
2017-2019 Physician Services Incorporated Foundation: High reliability organizing: Caring safely at the hospital for Sick Children (total value: $112000; Coffey, T., Goldman, J., Rotteau, L., Rowland, P., Baker, G. R., Vogus, T., Christianson, M.)
2016-2017 Arnold P. Gold Foundation: Patient engagement in health professions education: A meta-narrative review (total value: $5000 US; Rowland, P.,  Langlois, S., Kumagai, A., Anderson, M.)
2016-2018 AMS Phoenix Thematic Grant: Advancing the science and practice of patient engagement in health services organizations (total value: $39968.13; Rowland, P.(PI), Fancott, C., McMillan, S., Abelson, J., Andress, I., Scane, K., Hawthornthwaite, L., Maybee, A., Angl Nicholas,    E., Tepper, J., Whitehead, C., Kuper, A., Baker, G.R.)
2016-2018 AMS Phoenix Thematic Grant: An integrated spiral curriculum across the medical education continuum to support the understanding and delivery or, and advocacy for, compassionate person-centred care (total value: $40000; (Kuper, A.(PI); Bourns, A., Bryden, P.,   Dubinsky, I., Goguen, J., Hall, P., Kumagai, A., Law, M., Lazor, J., Maniate, J., Myloupolos, M., Najeeb, U., Panisko, D., Richardson, L., Rowland, P., Schreiber, M., Sharma, M., Whitehead, C., Whyte, R.)
2016-2018 AMS Phoenix Thematic Grant: Leveraging Accreditation Standards to Promote Compassion in Education and Practice (total value: $40000) Whitehead, C. (PI), Kuper, A., Rowland, P. et al)
2016-2017 Education Development Fund University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine: Constructs of teams and safety in the High Reliability Organization Literature (total value: $8000, Rowland, P. (PI), Whitehead, C, Ng. S., Goldman. J., Lising. D.)
2016 Introductory Interprofessional Education e-Learning Modules. Langlois, S. University of Toronto Educational Information Technology Award. $3000.