Interprofessional Education (IPE) Leaders Network

Group shot of the IPEL Network team standing in front of whiteboard

The Interprofessional Education (IPE) Leaders Network works collaboratively to advance interprofessional education, and transform care through collaboration, as a partnership between the University of Toronto, Centre for Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Education Leads/Representatives from the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network member/affiliate sites and other interested partners across the continuum of care.

Through the exchange of best practices and the identification of collective priorities, the Network champions an innovative, impactful, connected, and sustainable approach to IPE.

Terms of Reference for this network

The IPEL Network has 3 working groups to advance IPE through identification and implementation of collective priorities.

IPEL Working Groups

Raising the visibility and presence of the IPE Leader Network
Advanced IPE Facilitation
Fostering the next level of interprofessional knowledge within our growing community
Research & Scholarship
Using a scholarly lens to examine the imapct of IPE