Professional Development

Professional Development

The Centre for IPE continues to focus on interprofessional education and interprofessional care (IPE/IPC) capacity building through Professional Development for our local, provincial, national and international communities.  

There has been a high demand for our established certificate programs, customized workshops and courses, as well as increasing requests for site visits and onsite consultations. In large part, this is a result of the unique role the Centre for IPE plays as an international exemplar of success and sustainability at the education-practice interface. Organizations who are just starting on their IPE/IPC journey and those with growing programs continue to look to the Centre for IPE for its innovative approach to capacity building.

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Advancing IPE/IPC through Advising, Building Capacity, and Collaborating With Teams

Our ABC Model

Councellor and student

A. Advising/Coaching:

We offer specialized advising and coaching/consulting in the areas of interprofessional leadership and strategy; research and scholarship; curriculum design; faculty engagement and interprofessional development.

Reearchers talking in the lab

B. Building Capacity:

We offer formal professional development programs, we partner with organizations to develop customized professional/faculty development programs/workshops and we work collaboratively with numerous partners to provide a wide range of interprofessional development opportunities.

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C. Collaborating with Teams:

We offer customized collaborative practice modules to improve team-based care for point-of-care teams.

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