Research integration


The Centre’s team and affiliates are engaged in the collaborative production, dissemination, and communication of high-quality research.

Topics include, and are not limited to:

  • Advancing pedagogies that inspire and instill collaborative knowledge and approaches for interprofessional learning - e.g. Teaching for Critical Reflection
  • Innovating collaborative models of care and identifying latent social/collaborative threats - e.g. Getting everyone to the table
  • Designing metrics that drive meaning and collaboration - e.g. Meaningful Impact
  • Building collaborative nudges into technologies for practice, care, and education 
  • Engaging in inquiry into high-performing teams to understand the best of collaboration
  • Developing collaborative virtual team-based care
  • Exploring and developing understandings of Student-Led Environments (SLE) and collaborative student leadership models 
  • Developing collaborative advocacy and partnered education:


Integrating curricula, knowledge, and practice by connecting people, places, and programs is at the heart of our work and part of our strategic vision’s Aspirations. As knowledge mobilizers and boundary spanners, we infuse varied perspectives and knowledges across all spheres of work within the Centre and focus on integrating the Centre’s work with external communities.

The Centre’s curriculum and professional/faculty development portfolios inform research, scholarship, and evaluation questions while incorporating scientific knowledge and personal/experiential knowledges into curriculum and program development. Valuing patient/client. family/caregivers, learners, and educators as essential partners and meaningful inclusion of their voices in activities from curriculum design to scholarship and evaluation ensures integration of important experiential knowledge in the Centre’s development of collaborative healthcare and education practices.

Our Strategic Advisors connect the Centre to health, education, and policy sectors and ensures a collaborative lens directly informs decision-making for these various stakeholder groups. The Centre looks to build and strengthen relationships, apply different forms of knowledge, and leverage knowledge and networks to advance collaboration toward the goal of supporting a healthier world. While doing so, we attend to building trust and meaningful partnerships, addressing power relations and its effects on collaborative healthcare and education, and truly valuing and infusing diverse perspectives and knowledges in all our work. Our online supplement on ethical research collaboration may be of interest: