SLE Resources

Briefing note prepared by the TAHSN SLE Steering Committee with literature review of SLE initiatives, key definition from the literature, and key considerations (process, outcomes) when establishing a SLE.
SLE Community Table prepared by the TAHSN SLE Steering Committee provides a summary of current Canadian SLEs. This can help those interested in setting up a SLE better understand the variations in types of SLE clinics, scope, clients/patients, students, preceptors, etc.
Bringing Value to your Organization: The Power of SLEs (Student-Led Environments)   We look forward to hearing from you to explore your curiosities and potential avenues for collaboration.
About Student-Led Environments (SLEs): An innovative education and practice training model. Investing for impact and bringing value to our health professional learners and filling gaps in the health and social care systems by:
- building workforce capacity
- addressing system pressures
- providing needs-based, collaborative care