Scholarship & Evaluation

The Centre’s curricula, programs, and activities are examples of scholarship and evaluation. The Centre not only contributes to research and scholarship on collaborative healthcare and education practices and evaluation approaches, we also mobilize research from diverse fields (e.g. education, health, psychology) in the design of the IPE curriculum, professional/faculty development, and collaborative practice. Programs aim to be evidence-informed and scholarly. They are continually evaluated for quality improvement using aligned approaches such as developmental evaluation to complement traditional evaluation efforts “to gather relevant, credible, and useful information to make decisions about programs and innovations during times of complexity” (Parker et al, 2021).


The pandemic highlighted the crucial role of collaboration in care and health. The Centre is dedicated to exploring and advancing meaningful metrics for the field of collaborative healthcare and education. How we define impact affects what ‘counts’ and what we measure – and can either constrain or broaden our focus and endeavours as collaborative educators, leaders, scholars, teams, and organizations.

Building upon the work of its team members, the Centre will mobilize innovative and meaningful approaches to evaluate changes in ways of seeing, being, and doing. Capturing how individuals see, talk, and act differently as a result of engagement with the Centre (e.g. through the IPE curriculum, professional development, exposure to research and scholarship) can demonstrate important growth toward our Aspirations.  

The Centre will continue to build on this track-record of scholarship and its strengths in developmental evaluation, transformative education impacts, and attending to patient/client and family voice, to allow nuanced understandings of how, for whom, and why change initiatives in complex or uncertain environments work.

We will share stories of impact via our new magazine (previously our newsletter) where we will also invite members in our local, national, and international collaborative healthcare and education communities to share their impacts.

Parker K, Karim A, Freeman R. Developmental Evaluation: six ways to get a grip on the potential of education scholarship to serve innovation. Can Med Educ J. 2021 Nov 1;12(5):54-58. doi: 10.36834/cmej.71640. PMID: 34804289; PMCID: PMC8603884.