Key Contacts

Mailing Address

Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education (CACHE)
formerly the Centre for Interprofessional Education
University of Toronto @ Toronto Western Hospital
399 Bathurst Street, Nassau Annex
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2S8

416-603-5800 ext. 2577

Student/Faculty IPE CURRICULUM Inquiries:

General Centre Inquiries:

To Direct Your Inquiries:

Director & Education Scientist
Stella Ng, PhD, Reg. CASLPO
Director of Operations & Business Development 
Belinda Vilhena, MEd, BSc
Senior Consultant, Partnerships & Innovation 
Lynne Sinclair, MA (Ad Ed), BScPT
Associate Director, Academic
Sylvia Langlois, MScOT
Manager, Curriculum & Education Innovation
Sabrina Bartlett, MEd, BEd, BSocSc
Integration Lead, Collaborative Healthcare & Education
Dean Lising, BSc, BScPT, MHSc
Associate Director, Workplace Learning
Elizabeth McLaney, MEd, BScOT, BA
Education Coordinator, Communications & Community
Elizabeth (Eli) Cadavid
Health Systems & Policy Advisor
Maria Tassone, MSc, BScPT 
Associate Director,  Student-Led Environments
Kathryn Parker, MA, PhD
Curriculum & Communications Assistant
Noor Yassein, BA(Hons) 
Strategic Advisor
Mandy Lowe, MSc, BScOT
Manager, Research & Knowledge Mobilization
Farah Friesen, MI 
Administrative Coordinator, Professional Development & Operations
Fatima Mimoso
Research Advisor
Paula Rowland, PhD
Administrative Coordinator, Curriculum, Research & Innovation
Denise Ponte