IPE Management System

IPE Student Registration and Attendance Policies

Registering for an IPE Learning Activity

To Register please visit the IPE Management System

View the  IPE Learning Activities and descriptions currently approved within the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Curriculum at the University of Toronto.  IPE Learning Activity

Please be advised that the content of this calendar is subject to change without notice, and all students accepted for registration shall be deemed to have agreed to any such revision.

The IPE Learning Activity Calendar lists the activities offered at UofT Campus, Practice and other sites. As well, the learning activity descriptions include information such as registration opening date, registration closing date, where to register and who to contact for further information.

IPE Learning Activities are broken down by learning levels. Exposure activities: are introductory, often primarily composed of a didactic component. Immersion activities: are intermediate, including both didactic features and case based discussions. Longitudinal activities: often include a large case based component, as well, may extend a longer time frame (e.g. 3 interviews over the course of the year).

Withdrawing from an IPE Learning Activity

To Withdraw from an IPE Learning Activity: To withdraw from an IPE Learning Activity you are currently registered for, please withdraw through the IPE Management System Please note: registration closes 48 hours prior to the activity. 

If you can no longer attend an IPE Learning Activity and cannot withdraw from the activity, you MUST contact ipe.utoronto@utoronto.ca.  This will ensure a student from your program is moved off the waitlist. 

After 3 missed attendances (reflected on student files as Did Not Attend (DNA)), the names of students who did not attend after registering, without going through the withdrawal process, will be forwarded to their programs.

Professionalism in IPE

Professionalism in IPE – ‘Professionalism is a core value in health care. At the centre of professionalism is a set of skills and behaviours that validate the trust put in us by our parents, our students, our colleagues, and our society.' - Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Students in health care programs should demonstrate professionalism in their everyday lives and throughout their interprofessional education. Students are asked to respect the limited spaces that are offered through the curriculum and withdraw from learning activities as soon as possible to allow their fellow peers to attend activities. Professionalism can be demonstrated through appropriate participation in the activities, both in-class and online, and respecting the opinions of peers in their program and in other healthcare programs with the common goal of improving patient care. Students should feel free to voice any concerns or questions they may have with respect to professionalism by communicating with the Strategy Lead. 

If you have any questions regarding your attendance record, please contact ipe.utoronto@utoronto.ca