Centennial College Partnership

Since 2015, Centennial College and the University of Toronto Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education (CACHE) have worked together to establish an "IPE Scholar-in-Residence" role (currently fulfilled by Dean Lising, CACHE Team-Based Practice & Education Lead) within Centennial's School of Community and Health Studies, an innovative model to promote enhanced program collaboration around interprofessional education related to healthcare and community-oriented disciplines. 

In 2022, the two institutions expanded partnership by signing a new memorandum of understanding, which will see the institutions collaborate on a host of activities including interprofessional educational innovation and research, community engagement events, workforce development initiatives, curriculum collaboration and an annual "mock disaster" exercise to further promote interprofessional collaboration within emergency response practices.

Education, health and social care continue to adapt and strive for positive societal impacts. Meaningful partnerships amplify and extend the reach of these impacts. We are excited to build on a rich history of strengths and collaborative successes with Centennial College, working together for a healthier society.

For more: Centennial College expands academic partnership with University of Toronto Centre for Interprofessional Education (newswire.ca)