Together: Stories of Collective Impact

An international magazine by the Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education (CACHE)

Together CACHE Magazine Vol. 2 Winter 2023

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(Winter 2023)
Together: Stories of Collective Impact
an international magazine by CACHE.


Cover of inaugural issue of Together magazine

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(Fall 2022), the inaugural issue of
Together: Stories of Collective Impact
an international magazine by CACHE.


Welcome to the second iteration of our new international magazine, Together: Stories of Collective Impact.

As a reminder, we recently transformed our longstanding newsletter into a magazine to elevate our platform for celebrating, sharing, and connecting with the local to international community that has been contributing stories for years now. Together aims to create a tangible space for us to connect, learn, share, celebrate, and champion how we work and learn together for a healthier world. In our excitement to launch our first issue, we neglected to acknowledge the team that brought it together. So, in this second issue, we name our Editorial Team below. I want to thank the entire collaborative community that contributed important and interesting content, and in particular Eli Cadavid and Farah Friesen for leading our first two issues.

To all who are reading this magazine, thank you for continuing to share your stories, events, and cover art. And we look forward to your future submissions, feedback, and reactions.

With gratitude,
Stella Ng
CACHE Director, on behalf of the CACHE Team

Editorial Team, Winter 2023 Issue
Eli Cadavid (Lead Editor)
Alan Joson (Graphic Designer)
Belinda Vilhena
Farah Friesen
Noor Yassein
Sofia Mirzazada
Stella Ng

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We welcome articles, news, and stories related to collaborative healthcare and education. Together let's celebrate the best of collaboration, interprofessional education, and teamwork in health & social care: innovations, research synopses, profiles, upcoming interprofessional events, conferences, grants and award announcements, and other professional achievements -- all are welcome!

Submissions should be approximately 250 words or less in length; Pictures and/or visual art pieces are encouraged (high-resolution colour jpegs or pngs preferred). Pictures brighten up the page and draw the eyes of the readers. Heads shots are acceptable; photos of something happening are even better.

As well, we welcome cover art submissions if you would like to have your artwork considered for the next issue. Cover art submissions would need to be high-resolution, high-quality images of your work(s). Please note if your art is selected for the cover, it may be cropped to accommodate text, and text may be superimposed on part of the image (the CACHE logo, and volume and issue number). Cover art should also include artist statements. Photography, paintings, mixed media, and other mediums are acceptable.

Submissions welcome from all who contribute to health and social care, including learners, educators, patients/clients, families, caregivers, clinicians, and others.

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The Centre's successful Newsletter had international reach and readership and in Oct 2022, was followed by a magazine (Together: Stories of Collective Impact).

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