Three students standing chatting together, while two others walk past in a UTM Campus building

About Us

The Centre for Interprofessional Education (IPE) was founded in 2009 in partnership between the University of Toronto, the University Health Network (UHN) and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (now a part of UHN) to build the capacity for collaboration and interprofessional care among healthcare learners and practitioners.  The ultimate goal is to prepare healthcare providers with the skills and capacity to transform healthcare through collaborative practice, recognizing that a sustainable, innovative health system, effective health promotion, and good patient outcomes require the full, creative participation of all healthcare providers. 

With a central role of developing, delivering and disseminating interprofessional education programs and resources, the Centre recognizes that learning how to practice interprofessional care requires undergrad and post-graduate education to be fully integrated with professional development, community engagement and research, scholarship and innovation.  From its inception, the Centre focused uniquely on the continuum of learning, encompassing undergrad, postgraduate and continuing education, emphasizing the interface between education and practice, simultaneously developing the interprofessional capacity of learners and catalyzing change in the practice environment.