Customized Programs/Consultation

ehpic™ Around the Globe

With increasing need to build capacity for IPE and IPC locally, nationally and globally, the Centre has also seen growth in the demand for ehpic™. The Centre continues to partner with clinical and academic organizations to create customized and locally contextualized versions of ehpic™ that are tailored to address the needs of organizations and systems in three-day versions.

Customized Coaching and Programs

As the community evolves and grows in capacity for IPE/IPC leadership, we have expanded our coaching and customized courses/workshops. The Centre offers specialized coaching to graduates of our programs in co-creating, designing, implementing and evaluating local programs in their own organizations.  This has continued to build leadership and further local sustainability through “train-the-trainer” sessions and direct coaching.

In addition, the Centre has partnered with international IPE/IPC experts, to develop programs for further professional/faculty development and leadership enhancement. The Centre has worked with existing programs and travelled to host customized workshops, consultant sessions and meetings to provide input and teaching support to other leaders. In-person and virtual sessions are possible.

Please contact Belinda Vilhena, Director of Operations and Business Development for more information.