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On this page, please find some resources to consider when supporting interprofessional team-based primary care. These tools are free to download and use for personal and professional use, but please ensure to give credit when appropriate. 

To learn more about Team Primary Care (TPC), please visit our webpage here.

Advancing Collaborative Teams (ACT) Toolkit

Advancing Collaborative Teams (ACT) Toolkit

Created: April 2019

Download here: Submit through this form to download

This workbook is a step-by-step guide designed to support teams in advancing collaboration. With suggested time-frames, activities, reflexive questions, and assessment resources, its aim is to encourage interprofessional care and workplaces across the health sciences system and beyond.

Please note: an updated version of this toolkit will be available in late 2024.

Interprofessional Collaborative Organization Map and Preparedness Assessment (IP-COMPASS)

Interprofessional Collaborative Organization Map and Preparedness Assessment (IP-COMPASS)

Created: June 2023

Download here: Interprofessional Collaborative Organization Map and Preparedness Assessment (IP-COMPASS)

This document outlines a a structured, step-by-step process towards the creation and the ongoing improvement of intentional interprofessional learning activities in clinical settings. It includes general definitions, guiding prompts, activities, and checklists.

TPC Cross-Cutting Theme: Interprofessionalism workshops & resources

TPC Cross-Cutting Theme: Interprofessionalism workshops & resources

Visit for some of the supports the CACHE team is offering for the team primary care initiative. We invite anyone to reach out if they have questions, or would like to inquire about coaching, consulting, or other professional development opportunities available through CACHE. You can reach us at:

TPC's interprofessionalism theme is supported by CACHE through which there are a variety of interprofessional education tools and supports available to individuals and teams who wish to improve their interprofessional collaboration (IPC). These opportunities include individualized coaching and consultation, workshops, and more intensive programs to improve understanding and practice of IPC, and guides and tools to support team processes.

Shadowing & Observation Tool

Shadowing & Observation Tool

Download here: Shadowing & Observation Tool

Through tips on shadowing and/or interviewing, this document guides learners through the first flexible activity in the IPE Component in a Practice Setting. This activity allows them to learn about, from and with a team member (i.e., a staff member or provider) from another profession and/or role, as well as learn with the patient/client/family as part of the team. This activity could be completed at any point but is most appropriate for learners in early placements.

Interprofessional Lens Tool

Interprofessional Lens Tool

Created: December 2015

Download here: IP Lens - December 2015.pdf

This “interprofessional lens” was created as a practical guide to fostering interprofessionalism in any area. Every conversation has to start somewhere, and this guide is designed to encourage participants to do just this, asking the question: “how do we make this area (e.g. workshop, meeting, project, etc.) more interprofessional?” 

Some areas for which this could be used include, but are not limited to: care, education, initiatives, meetings, quality improvement, curricula, workshops, programs, research, leadership, space planning, decision making, or reflection.

Reflexive Questions for Facilitators & Educators

Reflexive Questions for Facilitators & Educators

Created: January 2024

Download here: Reflexive Questions for Facilitators & Educators

This document is meant as a resource to inform and assist educators in their education development, teaching, and facilitation. It outlines the usefulness of reflexivity, as well as a series of guiding questions to consider when creating educational prompts including, but not limited to, cases, stories, videos, simulations.

Student-Led Environment (SLE) Infographics

Student-Led Environment (SLE) Infographics

Student-led environments (SLEs) are unique workplace-based learning opportunities allowing health professional learners, under the supervision and support of preceptors and facilitators, to step into a leadership role to foster learning and collaboration, while also addressing a significant and identified gap in the workplace. Download the below infographics, or visit the info page here to learn more about SLE’s, and the work CACHE does in collaboration with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

SLE Infographic For Potential Partners

Download here: Infographic For Potential Partners

Bringing Value to your Organization: The Power of SLEs (Student-Led Environments). We look forward to hearing from you to explore your curiosities and potential avenues for collaboration.

SLE Infographic For Potential Funders

Download here: Infographic For Potential Funders

About Student-Led Environments (SLEs): An innovative education and practice training model. Investing for impact and bringing value to our health professional learners and filling gaps in the health and social care systems by:
- building workforce capacity
- addressing system pressures
- providing needs-based, collaborative care

Demographic Questionnaire for Team Primary Care

Demographic Questionnaire for Team Primary Care (TPC)

Follow this link to access the demographic survey for TPC.

If you have found these resources to be useful, please consider filling out this demographic survey for TPC. This helps in our consistent endeavours to improve current and future resources, and ensure they are working best for those who use them.