CIHLC Project

The Canadian Interprofessional Health Leadership Collaborative (CIHLC) is a multi-institutional and interprofessional partnership led by the University of Toronto in partnership with the University of British Columbia, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Queen’s University and Université Laval whose goal is to create positive health system change through offering a transformative educational Collaborative Leadership Program grounded in principles of community engagement and social accountability. The CIHLC was chosen by the U.S. Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Board on Global Health as one of four innovation collaboratives around the world (including South Africa, Uganda and India) tasked with incubating and piloting ideas called for by the Lancet Commission Report, Health Professionals for a New Century: Transforming Education to Strengthen Health Systems in an Interdependent World. CIHLC’s vision is collaborative leadership for health system change to globally transform education and health. This project is supported by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).  

See the 2011 CIHLC Joint Proposal to the IOM and the IOM Acceptance Letter.


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